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Access Support

Goss Consultancy's access support services are designed to meet the specific needs of clients. All our Access Consultants are accredited by the National Register of Access Consultants and have extensive experience in building management, ensuring that survey recommendations are realistic, creditable and reflect best practice.




Rapid Access Appraisals

GCL will:

  • Visit and tour the building / venue and carry out a ‘spot check’ access review
  • Produce summary report

Client will get:

  • Summary review of the building / venue for disabled visitors detailing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats concluding with key recommendations
  • Rapid Access Reviews do not include specific guidance but, instead, provide a 'sense check' on access

Walk & Talk Access Reviews

GCL will:

  • Carry out a ‘Walk & Talk’ Access Review with relevant staff
  • Produce summary report

Client will get:

  • In situ staff upskilling on access issues
  • Customer journey model based summary report of access review detailing areas, issues, key guidance / sector standards/ recommendation, priority ratings and cost indications
  • The summary report is designed to inform the development  of a venue driven Access Delivery Plan

Full Access Audits

GCL will:

  • Carry out a ‘Full Access Audit’ Review


  • Produce detailed report
Client will get:
  • A full Access Audit produces a comprehensive review of how accessible a building is for disabled people. It focuses on a wide range of impairments and adopts a journey methodology on how a disabled person approaches, uses and leaves a building
  • The full access audit gives detailed information, guidance and recommendations arising from the audit, along with a priority rating and a cost guide for any potential works
  • It is a systematic approach identifying potential barriers to disabled people,  giving a baseline from which an access strategy can be developed in respect of planned improvements and budget planning

Inclusive Communication Audits

GCL will:

  • Review a range (as agreed with the client) of online and offline information and marketing materials.

Client will get:

  • Non – technical subject matter expertise on accessible communication detailing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and key recommendations



Costs are dependent on the size of your premises and project specifications. Use the handy form below to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.