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Disability Confidence in Customer Service

There are over 12 million disabled people in the UK, with an annual disposable income in the region of £80 billion, this represents a considerable and rapidly growing market sector.

This course provides delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the law and best practice relating to serving disabled customers. The aim of the course is to assist delegates to minimise the legal risks of getting it wrong when it comes to serving disabled customers whilst being able to benefit from the very real business benefits of getting it right, thus making disability confidence in customer service, business as usual.

Who Should Attend?

Service providers, customer relations employees.

Course Overview

  • Quiz
    Providing context for the course.
  • Serving Disabled people - Why bother?
    Understanding the business case.
  • A Model Approach
    Overview of the social model of disability and why it is so important.
  • Understanding the law
    Overview of the Equality Act 2010 and what it means in customer service.
  • Concept of reasonableness
    What are, and are not, reasonable adjustments when it comes to serving disabled customers.
  • Serving disabled customers
    Disability confident communication (terminology) and the confidence to say yes, and no.
  • A case in question
    A scenario based session looking at a range of case studies specific to the organisation.

What Will I Gain?

By the end of the course delegates will have:-

  • An understanding of what disability is and the business case for disability confidence in customer service.
  • An overview to the Equality Act and the social model of disability and how it relates to serving disabled people.
  • An understanding of the concept of 'reasonable adjustments' and what it means in customer service.
  • Greater confidence in serving disabled customers.

Our Training Style

Our training is designed to inspire, encourage, motivate and support both personal and organisational development.

We pride ourselves on a training style that is highly interactive, engaging (where appropriate using humour and other techniques) and specific to an organisation's particular culture.

All GCL training includes case studies and practical examples of relevant case law and provides ample opportunities for group discussion and questions.

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