Case Study: Finance
Financial Conduct Authority

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The brief

Goss Consultancy Ltd (GCL) was commissioned by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out a detailed Equality Analysis of the FCA proposed PPI deadline and the associated consumer communications campaign. In carrying out the analysis GCL provided information for the FCA in relation to the evidence about the possible impact of the FCA's PPI proposals on vulnerable consumers and those from protected groups.

Our approach

  • We developed, in partnership with the FCA, a fit for purpose evidence base
  • We reviewed general evidence in relation to the wider position of vulnerable people and those from protected groups
  • We reviewed specific evidence in relation to each relevant protected group, those on low incomes and carers
  • We analysed the potential impact on different groups
  • GCL considered specific ways in which any positive impacts could be maximised and negative impacts identified could be mitigated
  • We considered (where relevant) any mitigation actions already undertaken
  • GCL presented proposals (where relevant) for future actions to continue mitigation
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"GCL delivered a detailed and robust piece of work which highlighted a number of important issues..."