Insight and Stakeholder Engagement

Experience reality panel group

The GCL 'Experience Reality Insight Panel' is a nationwide managed forum made up of people from different backgrounds and with different circumstances.

The insight panel provides service providers with the ability to access quality feedback through mystery shopping/visits, surveys, focus groups and consultation. The insight panel can be used to measure quality of service, compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about existing or planned products and services.

Who takes part?

Our panel includes:

  • Disabled people
  • People from a variety of ethnic backgrounds
  • People with a variety of gender identities
  • People representing a variety of age ranges
  • People from different socioeconomic groups
  • People with a range of sexual orientations
  • People with a variety of religion/beliefs (including no belief)

We offer a complete end to end managed process ensuring quality feedback delivered both effectively and efficiently. All members are professionally supported and remunerated appropriately.

"The consultants really listened to what the needs of the project are and created a bespoke response to this..."

What our Experience Reality Insight Panel members take part in:

Mystery Shopping / Visits
Shopping bag with magnifying glass
clip-board form
Focus Groups
group of people with magnifying glass
speech bubbles

To learn more about our Experience Reality Insight Panel and how it could support your organisation or if you would like to apply to become a member please email:

What our clients say

"...The Experience Reality Insight Panel has been incredibly helpful in the development of the TOC Ability accessibility solution. The insight panel has a wide range of accessibility needs, all of which we need to consider when designing and testing the TOC Ability solution. Their participation in the process of forming the product has been active, engaging and thoroughly enjoyable."

Operations Manager, Intelligent Mobility, Atkins Global

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"...Throughout the process, working with GCL has been a pleasure. The consultants really listened to what the needs of the project are and created a bespoke response to this. It has been invaluable to the design process to have regular Access Panels with 'Experts by Experience.' GCL supported us to ensure that the discussions in the workshops led to practical actions. GCL have been vital in supporting our aims to ensure that the new galleries are more accessible."

Senior Learning Manager, Imperial War Museum

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