GCL Training: Unconscious Bias

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Did you know that our brains are capable of 1016 processes per second – more powerful than any computer. But they do have major limitations – including cognitive biases. These biases may have helped us in our prehistoric past – but the ways we intuitively sort and instantly judge people are not necessarily conscious, logical or even legal.
This course provides delegates with an introduction to the concept of unconscious bias – how our cognitive biases can lead to prejudices about people and in a work situation lead to poor decision-making. The aim of the course is to assist delegates to consider whether unconscious bias may be preventing them from performing effectively – whether as a recruiter, a manager or in their interactions with customers and clients.

Who should attend?

In particular, decision-makers, such as HR staff, line managers, examiners and assessors.

Course overview

  • Riddle - Warm-up exercise, providing an opening to the topic
  • Cognitive biases - What are they? What are their results? What are their uses?
  • About unconscious bias - How our cognitive biases affect our decisions and behaviour in relation to other people
  • Levels of unconscious bias relating to particular groups - What bias will people admit to and how does this compare to their unconscious biases?
  • Decision fatigue - How the time of day can affect your decisions in illogical ways
  • Could our unconscious bias affect the behaviour of those with whom we interact? - How 'micro-behaviours' – small differences in how we speak, amount of eye contact and blinking rates can give people confidence – or sap it
  • Further resources

What will I gain?

  • An understanding of what unconscious bias is and its dangers
  • A greater insight into your own unconscious biases
  • An understanding of how unconscious bias can run counter to business effectiveness – and lead to breaking the law
  • Strategies for identifying and managing unconscious bias

Our training style

Our training is designed to inspire, encourage, motivate and support both personal and organisational development. We pride ourselves on a training style that is highly interactive, engaging (where appropriate using humour) and specific to an organisation's particular culture.

All GCL training includes practical examples of relevant case law and provides ample opportunity for group discussion and questions.

Quality assurance and accreditation

This training is ISO 9001 quality assured and CPD accredited.
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About the trainer

All GCL trainers have at least 10 years' experience supporting organisations to devise, develop and implement their equality, diversity and inclusion strategies with a focus on supporting positive change management, adding value and ensuring sustainability.