Walk & Talk Access Reviews

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A Walk & Talk uniquely combines a quality assured Access Review of a building/venue with CPD accredited Access Training.

Who is it for?

Walk & Talk Access Reviews can be carried out on any building, venue or space and are designed to inform and support Building Managers, HR Managers, Visitor Experience Managers and others responsible for buildings and the people who use them.

How do they work?

A visitor journey model is adopted for a facilitated tour of the building/venue by a qualified Access Consultant who has a background in building management. An understanding of the way the building is used, and future aspirations for it, is gleamed by the Access Consultant through dialogue with participants and other key stakeholders, this enables the Consultant to provide appropriate and future proof recommendations.

The tour and discussions with the Access Consultant provides participants with the opportunity to see for themselves what presents barriers for people with a wide range of impairments and learn how to overcome these barriers.

"GCL have a real skill of generating open and honest debate that leads to positive and practical outcomes..."

Supporter Relations Manager, Southampton FC

What do participants learn?

A structured learning process provides an understanding of:

  • The key principles of access and inclusive design
  • The legal, statutory and best practice landscape of access and inclusive design
  • How to develop a strategic approach to managing access enhancements through an Access Delivery Plan

The report

Following the Walk & Talk, a detailed Access Review report is produced. This includes an area assessment which details issues and guidance, and provides recommendations, a suggested priority rating and costing indicators. Where possible photos are included to highlight salient points. In addition, a suggested Access Action Plan is provided in excel, to enable the plan to be modified and integrated fully to add value to the client's building maintenance and management processes.

Quality assurance

All GCL Walk & Talk Access Reviews are undertaken by Access Consultants registered on the UK National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC). GCL Walk & Talk Access Reviews are ISO 9001 quality assured and CPD accredited.

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What our clients say

"...Spending the day with the GCL Consultants, understanding the neurodiverse spectrum and hearing a lived experience of autism was integral to broadening our knowledge of cognitive requirements..."

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