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Digital Inclusion is crucial for ensuring that all the visitors to your website are able to access it simply and easily. Improving accessibility and the digital experience can have a positive impact on the estimated 6.1 million UK internet users with accessibility needs and is critical to ensuring that your organisation is legally compliant and maximising access for all.

What we offer

Service Purpose Deliverable
Rapid Digital Inclusion Appraisal Assessment of likely issues for assistive technology users when accessing your website. A rapid appraisal can also be used to confirm user reports of accessibility issues. RAG risk rating on accessibility issues with supporting notes. Checks to confirm reported accessibility issues will include notes to assist with resolving the issue.
Website Accessibility Review Review the accessibility of your website and/or apps by:
  • Testing a sample of web pages against WCAG 2.1 /EN 301 549 accessibility guidelines.
  • Review the user experience for visitors using assistive technology such as screen readers, alternative input methods, text-to-speech and customisation tools.
Report detailing how the test sample conforms to the accessibility guidelines including recommendations for:
  • Remediating accessibility issues.
  • Improving the user experiences for assistive technology users.
We can also help with creating website accessibility statements and accessibility help pages if required.
Design / Prototype Accessibility Assessment Review website and/or apps design specifications, mock-ups and prototypes to assess for likely accessibility issues, advise on necessary actions to meet accessibility requirements. Report detailing recommendations for developing proposed site so that it will meet WCAG 2.1 / EN 301 549 accessibility guidelines.
Digital Project Accessibility Support Provide support throughout the development process including combining Design Assessment with a Website Accessibility Review of the new site prior to launch. You will receive:
  • Design Accessibility Assessment
  • Website Accessibility Review of beta site (when you choose) and retesting of individual issues to confirm resolution
  • Opportunity to contact accessibility expert throughout the project for advice and clarification.
User Research Panel for Website Accessibility / Inclusion in Accessibility Statement A lighter touch alternative to a full Accessibility Review where GCL facilitates users with access needs to give a user focussed appraisal incorporating screen magnifiers, screen readers, speech recognition tools and other Assistive Technology. A website appraisal report primarily featuring feedback by users with access needs. This can also contribute to your accessibility statement, which often requires input by disabled users particularly if you are a public sector provider, whilst demonstrating commitment to accessibility for all website and app users.
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Well-being and Inclusive Practice Support
  • Inclusive practice, across a range of characteristics including, race, disability and gender, is critical to successful organisations to ensure their teams, visitors and clients can bring their authentic selves to work.
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Case Study: Finance
Financial Conduct Authority
  • GCL carred out a detailed Equality Analysis of the FCA proposed PPI deadline and the associated consumer communications campaign.
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"...Spending the day with the GCL Consultants, understanding the neurodiverse spectrum and hearing a lived experience of autism was integral to broadening our knowledge of cognitive requirements..."

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